United Forum of the Americas

Exhibitors & Sponsors

  1. Becker Orthopedic - Gold Sponsor www.BeckerOrthopedic.com
  2. Chupis Orthopédica - Gold Sponsor www.chupis.com
  3. Chas.A. Blatchford & Sons Ltd. - Bronze Sponsor www.endolite.co.uk
  4. Ohio Willow Wood - Bronze Sponsor www.owwco.com
  5. Touch Bionics - Bronze Sponsor www.touchbionics.com
  6. CR Equipments. S.A. - Bronze Sponsor www.crequipements.ch

  7. Bulldog Tools www.bulldogtools.com
  8. Friddle's Orthopedic Appliances www.friddles.com
  9. Omega Prosthetic Services www.omegaprosthetic.com
  10. Jos America Machines BV www.josamerica.com
  11. Fillauer www.fillauer.com
  12. APIS Footwear Company www.bignwideshoes.com
  13. Alps Corporation www.easyliner.com
  14. Streifeneder Ortho Production/Euro International, Inc. www.eurointl.com
  15. Kingsley Manufacturing Company www.kingsleymfg.com
  16. U.S. Orthotics www.usorthotics.com
  17. Tecno Farma, S.A. Dr. Comfort
  18. Coyote Design and Mfg. www.coyotedesign.com
  19. Comfort Products Inc. www.comfortoanp.com
  20. TekScan, Inc. www.tekscancom

RBOB 2011 offers you as a supplier or manufacturer an unprecedented opportunity to expand your market! Show the American prosthetics and orthotics community who you are and what you do. We anticipate a diverse group of participants from across the Western Hemisphere.

Each exhibitor will receive two complimentary registrations. If you would like more information about becoming an exhibitor, please see the exhibitor PDF.

Vendor Workshops

United Forum of the Americas Sponsors and Exhibitors will be given first priority for workshop registration opportunities. A total of 15 four-hour workshops will be scheduled Tuesday afternoon, February 15 and Wednesday afternoon, February 16.

Workshop presenters are responsible for covering translation costs, if applicable. United Forum will provide a list of available resources if required. Workshop presenters are also responsible for an AV needs.

Please contact us if you have questions about exhibiting or vendor workshops.

Watch for additional information as the program develops.

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