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Preparing for Your Trip to Costa Rica

Horizontes Nature Tours is a helpful web site with travel and safety tips as well as general information about Costa Rica.  www.horizontes.com

The Ramada Herradura offers a Gray Line Tours representative on-site who is helpful in planning day trips. www.graylinecostarica.com (You may also pay your departure tax at the Gray Line desk if you wish to avoid es at the airport when you are preparing to depart Costa Rica.)

Activities/Day Trips

Gray Line’s City Tour offers interesting perspectives of San Jose and historical background of the country’s people and culture.  The Museos  Banco Central de Costa Rica (Central Bank Museums) has numismatic exhibits, and an impressive Pre-Columbian gold museum.  www.museosdelbancocentral.org  Among other stops is a visit to the beautiful National Theater.

INBioparque is worth a visit and located a short ride from the Ramada. INBioparque is an educational park devoted to the study and conservations of biodiversity. www.inbio.ac.cr

Butterfly Farm offers learning about and experiencing thousands of butterflies for butterfly lovers.


Sarchi Village is considered the premier artisan craft destination in the country. Only an hour from San Jose, the mountain village of Sarchi offers  a glimpse of rural life in Costa Rica when walking the lovely little streets full of flowering trees and vines.

 Sarchi is primarily known for its woodworking. The most famous of the crafts is the oxcart, the country's most well-known craft. The oxcarts were once a very important part of the daily life of Costa Ricans, who used the carts to transport coffee beans from the mountains to the coast. Today it is the famous symbol of Costa Rico. http://www.govisitcostarica.com/region/city.asp?cID=387

Pueblo Antigua  (Parque Nacional de Diversiones) located within in San Jose’s Amusement Park is a short ride (or walk) from the Ramada Herradura gives a living history tour of the charming architecture and buildings characteristic of typical country life circa 1900. Visitors to the pueblo see the best of the capital without having to actually walk very far.

Espagnol?  Mostly everyone you’ll need to communicate with speaks English in varying degrees of fluency.  As in other countries, the “Tico’s” appreciate it when you try out your Spanish.  They also enjoy being able to practice English, so communication is not usually a problem.

What About the Money?  Most shops and vendors accepts US dollars.  It’s handy to arrive with a supply of dollar bills to use for tips, etc.  Incidentally, most restaurant tabs include the tip but are always appreciative of extra tips if service is good.

Safety:  Use common sense just as you would at home. Don’t walk alone at night and don’t  wear  flashy or expensive wear jewelry, especially in city streets.

Forget Something?  A mall is located across the highway from the Ramada, accessible by a walking bridge.

Hotel Shuttle is available to and from the airport as well as to nearby locations, such as the malls.

The shuttle begins service to the airport at 5:00 AM.  Reservations are recommended.

Golf ?  The San Jose Country Club. Located in close proximity to the Ramada Herradura, the Country Club offers free pool access to Ramada guests and discounted greens fees for golfers.

What to Pack

Be sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes and light raingear. A hat and insect repellant are handy items and don’t forget your camera!

Think Green. Costa Rica is a very green country. Travelers soon recognize that the country is ultra-conscious of minimizing their carbon foot-print.  You will see evidence of this in all areas of your Costa Rican experiences.  Their country is beautiful and everyone seems committed to keeping it that way. As a visitors to their country we are invited to join in their spirit of conservation and appreciation for their countries resources.

Identification of any resources listed is solely for information. USISPO does not endorse or have any affiliation with the listed companies or services.

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