Reaching Beyond Our Borders 2009

A Caribbean Rim Conference
"partners in Rehabilitation"

January 28 - 31, 2009
Embassy Suites by Hilton: Los Marlins Hotel and Golf Resort in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic

Call for Workshops

Workshop opportunities are limited. Workshops are offered first to those companies & organizations that become major SPONSORS of RBOB 09. Additional workshop opportunities may also become available for companies and organizations that are not SPONSORS.

All workshops must be presented in both English and Spanish. Translation is your responsibility. Please contact US ISPO if you need additional information or resources.

If you would like to present your products or techniques during one of the afternoon sessions at RBOB 09, please complete the following.

Workshop Title:

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Workshop duration (2 or 4 hours)
2 hr  4 hr

A five-sentence description must accompany your submission.
Descriptions should focus on the purpose of the workshop, the
benefit derived from the technique or technology, methods used,
and a brief summary of results. Enter your description below.

We will be confirming workshops participation in October 2008.