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Reaching Beyond Our Borders 2007:

US & Latin America Exchange on Adult Rehabilitation Issues

A Caribbean Rim Conference sponsored by the United States National Member Society (www.usispo.org) of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PROSTHETICS AND ORTHOTICS (www.ispoweb.org)

Welcome to the home page for Reaching Beyond Our Borders 2007 (also known as RBOB 2007).  This conference has been established to facilitate the exchange of information and resources among healthcare professionals involved with the rehabilitation of adults who require orthoses and prostheses in order to maximize their level of function and independence. 

It is an opportunity to expand your network of rehabilitation professionals, learn about progressive treatment options across the Western Hemisphere and strengthen the rehabilitation community in this region.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in Cancun!

Sponsored by the U.S. Chapter of ISPO